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You would not go to the doctor and expect a check up for free

May 11, 20241 min read

Why do you expect me to coach for free

One of my clients came to me with this dilemma and I have experienced it too


I had a women reach out for some 1:1 support

I have paid mentors for years to learn what I have learnt

She is a coach herself

But her answer was oh I thought it was free.


I knew straight away that this money block is going to block her abundance too and she was most likely getting no where fast.

If you don’t value coaching

If you don’t expect to pay

Or if you don’t pay

How the hell do you expect others to pay

Let alone run a business

I am a specialist

I have years of experience behind me

No one else quite does exactly what I do

I get results for those who put in the effort too

I charge for my work

And I am paid well for what I do

If this is triggering you

It’s for a reason

You got to let go of thinking you can just get all the coaching for free

Chasing freebie after freebie

Shut off the noise

Pay for and Listen to one trusted mentor

Do the work

Get results.

It’s simple

If you want success it’s not hard

Every strategy works

Just not every strategy at the same time.

That’s like trying to cook in the kitchen with too many aunties. It’s a disaster. And no one is getting out alive 😅😂

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